What is a 10-15 number?
  • 10-15 numbers are long distance access codes that allow customers to bypass, or dial around, their existing long distance provider on any call by entering a few extra digits before making a call and without having to switch long distance carriers.

How do I use 10-15-565?

  • To make a call to Canada or the United States, dial 10-15-565 + 1 + area code + phone number. To call an international destination, dial 10-15-565 + 011 + country code + phone number. After dialing 10-15-565, do not wait for the dial tone. Just dial 10-15-565 and the subsequent numbers in one consecutive sequence.

If I already have a long distance provider, can I still use 10-15-565?

  • Yes. You can use 10-15-565 no matter which long distance provider you are signed up with.

How am I billed for 10-15-565 calls?

  • Your charges appear on your regular phone bill in a section marked Other Carrier Messages – LooneyCall. Your bill will list the date, time, phone number, location, duration and charge of each call made.

Can I use my cellular phone with LooneyCall?

  • No. The 10-15-565 service is available to land lines only.

Can I use LooneyCall to call a cellular phone?

  • Yes.

Are the rates different if I call a cellular phone?

  • Calls to cellular phones in some international destinations or special country code terminations (institutions such as army bases, universities, hospitals, banks and government offices) are billed at a higher rate. Check our rate table to confirm the prices.

How do I know if 10-15-565 is available from my phone?

  • You can use 10-10-565 with any residential landline from the following providers:
    • Bell Aliant
    • Bell Canada
    • Eastlink
    • Manitoba Telecom Services (MTS)
    • Rogers Communications
    • SaskTel
    • Telus
    • Videotron

Do the rates change depending on the time of day?

  • Rates are the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If I don’t use up all the minutes in the bundle for my first looney, will I be charged the full dollar?

  • With LooneyCall, the bundle of minutes for the first looney allows the per-minute rate to be much cheaper. Even if you don’t use up all the minutes available in the first dollar, you will still be charged a dollar.

Why didn’t my call go through?

  • At times, technical difficulties may arise due to variety of factors. During peak hours, congestion in the country/destination area may obstruct a call from completing. Also, there could be a network issue in the country/destination that is being phoned. Furthermore, calls may not complete to a mobile if the terminating user is not in a serviceable area. If you are experiencing some problems, please feel free to report them to customer service by dialing 416 279-1368, 1-866 785-5869 or 10-15-565-0 or emailing info@looneycall.ca

Are there any additional service charges?

  • No. There are no additional service charges. Taxes are applicable from your phone company.

How can I sign up?

  • 10-15-565 is not a subscription service. Just dial 10-15-565 before calling long distance.